IndieWebCamp NYC2 2016

August 27-28, 2016

New York

IndieWebCamp NYC2 2016 is a two-day maker event for creating and/or improving your personal website. All levels welcome! One of several 2016 IndieWebCamps and the fourth IndieWebCamp in NYC!


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-, 2016
Dalberg Global Development Advisors
99 Madison Ave, Floor 17, New York, NY

Saturday, August 28
Day 1 is about discussing in a BarCamp-like environment. Bring a topic you'd like to discuss or join in on topics as they are added to the board.
  • 09:00 Organizer setup
  • 10:00 Doors open
  • 10:15 Introductions and demos
  • 11:00 Session scheduling
  • 11:30 Session 1
  • 12:30 Group photo & Lunch
  • 13:30 Sessions on the hour
  • 17:00 Day 1 closing session, break, meetup later for dinner
Sunday, August 29
Create, Hack, Demo!
Day 2 make things on and for your personal site! Collaborate with others or work on your own to improve at least one thing on your personal site, no matter how small or how epic.
  • 09:00 Organizer setup
  • 10:00 Doors open
  • 10:10 Day 2 kick-off, session scheduling
  • 10:30 Creating sessions
  • 12:00 Catered lunch
  • 13:00 Creating sessions continue
  • 16:00 Demos
  • 17:00 Day 2 wrap-up
  • 17:30 Camp closed!

Schedule is subject to change. View the full schedule grid on the IndieWebCamp wiki for the latest updates.



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